Angelica Sound
Angelica Sound
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Angelica Sound was one of the first students to attend Bratzillaz Academy. Angelica, along with two other witches, mysteriously disappeared after a student got jealous of their successes in magic and decided to use their magic to vanish them forever.

Angelica has sound/music related powers, allowing her to control the volume.


While not much is still known about Angelica, it is said that her friends love how much she speaks her mind. Which would imply that she may be is straight forward and truthful to others. She always speaks her mind and doesn't hold back.


Angelica is a pale skinned girl with neon purple-pink lips, very pale/barely noticeable pink blush, and bright crystal pink eyes. She has black curvy detailing below her left eye with little dots on it and two small curls on her eyebrow. Her hair is a bright neon pink color and very curly, almost knee length. She has three curled buns where her bangs would be, along with a few un-even strands of curls on both sides of her face. On the top of her head is a thin black cage with a glowing bird in it.

Angelica wears a black blouse with off the shoulder, princess puff sleeves that has small pink tulle pieces, and small white ruffles lining the top. All over it is gold, white, and pink markings. She wears a matching ribbon-belt. Also worn is a skirt consisting of two layers of pink and black tulle with spiked/ripped lining, pale pink stockings with fuschia markings stitches on, black heels with ankle straps, black beaded earrings, and a very pale yellow, short cape tied around her neck with a tiny white bow.


Basic Doll

Differences between Doll and Art:

  • Hair is a much softer shade of pink and consists of more curls.
  • Bird cage is on left side of head, not right.
  • Black makeup
  • Different earrings.
  • Her cape seems to be translucent and the bow is styled differently.
  • The white lace of her top seems to dangle on the side.
  • Her entire outfit seems to have some form of tull/tranclucency on it.
  • Stockings are much lighter.



  • Angelica made her first appearance in the Witchy Princess story.
  • In an earlier picture it seems that her eye marking was going to be on the right eye. Her hair also seemed to be a lot lighter.
  • Angelica is the only girl in her group to have shoes not of her theme color (pink). She is also the only girl not blue themed.