Pet of a Bratzillaz Student
Character Power Description "I've got two sides to me...wicked glam times two! Funky and flirty, I can change you into anything you be careful what you wish for!"
Magic Power Can transform into anything
Fave Pet Myself
Witchmark Moon & Stars
Nickname Phantom Angel
Fave Color Black-hot pink
Fave Movie The Devil Wears Prada
Fave Food Fried spider ice cream
Fave Drink Caramel non-fat Witchuccino
Fave Music Hip-hop origin and country
Fave Class History of Platform Shoes
Fashion Passion Girly glitter

Barkthalameow is Cloetta Spelletta's pet.


He is a half dog and half cat. The cat is black, and the dog is white.


Cloetta Spelletta was on the mirror, saying that she looks squishy. After Cloetta's mirror flashed, a catdog came out. On Cloetta's feet, the dog on the right chased the cat on the right.