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Welcome to the Bratzillaz Wiki!

The Bratzillaz Wiki is dedicated to MGA's newest dolls, Bratzillaz! The dolls are a spin off of the Bratz franchize. Unlike the Bratz dolls, each Bratzillaz character is a witch with their own unique power. On this wiki, you can learn more about the new doll line and help the admins edit as the franchise grows. Before editing, please read our policies and follow our style guidelines.


Featured Character


Headmistress Magika is the new principal of Bratzillaz Academy. Like all headmistresses, Magika can be very strict and doesn't think twice about punishing a student if they don't follow the rules, but when students do follow the rules and try their best, she can be very nice and joyful. Her magic power is currently unknown but she has been seen casting spells around the academy. Magika made her webisode debut in Welcome To The Academy.

Featured Couple


Jade and Brad met in In the Big Screen when Meygana zapped Jade into her favorite movie, Moonlight and Spy. In the movie, Jade saves her hunky movie crush, Brad, from falling off a cliff. Grateful, he tells her he owes her his life, but Jade inists she'd settle for a coffee. So, they go on a coffee date.


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Bratzillaz Midnight Beach Commercial00:31

Bratzillaz Midnight Beach Commercial

Official Website


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The Official Bratzillaz website contains bios of the characters, games, videos, etc.

In September 2012, MGA premiered a Bratzillaz web series on Youtube.



Bratzillaz-Basic-Line BRATZ-pixiez
As of 2013, Bratzillaz have four lines of dolls, one line of pets, six fashion packs, a play-set and various toys.

Bratzillaz are a spin-off of the Bratz dolls and each of the five main characters are cousins of the Bratz girls.

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Featured Webisode


Double Trouble is the third webisode of Bratzillaz. In the webisode, the girls met two churlish twin witches who don't make a good impression on the gang. Especially when they threaten Cloetta. That's when Sashabella has enough and stands up for her friends. Levitor tells them its best to stay away from the twins to which the girls take his advice.



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