Cloe r
Nickname Green Devil
Zodiac Ebola
Fave Pet Hollow
Fave Color Turquoise
Fave Food Sushi
Fave Drink Caninus Spiritus
Fave Music Miley Cyrus, One Direction, Justin Bieber
Fave Class Sex Ed 101
Fashion Passion Anything with glitter that shows off as much skin as possible

Cloe, also known as "Golden Girl", is one of the original four Bratz.

Two-sided Cloetta Spelletta is her witchy, Bratzillaz cousin. It is unknown if Cloe knows about Cloetta being a witch.


Cloe is a selfish, remorseless girl. Her nickname is Golden Girl because of her immense, uncontrollable greed. She moonlights as a bank robber and even sells her body just for the thrill of being paid. She is addicted to money, and her robber friends like to joke that she has gold running through her veins instead of blood.


Normally, Cloe has a light skin tone, buttery-blonde hair and light blue eyes. But in some doll lines, she has had tan skin, various hair colors, and green eyes.


In her current form, Cloe has pulled all of her bright blonde hair into a single, very big ponytail that has streaks of multiple shades of pink and blue. She also has very long, curled strands of dark blue, green, and fuchsia hair,as well as pink, light orange, and green braids.

Cloe wears a pink themed one piece outfit with buttons and hot pink lines all over it, underneath of a light pink short, long sleeved top over it that ties at the chest. Also worn are white stockings with thin gray stripes, dull red shoes with white heels, and white belt straps around the top.


  • Cloe and Cloetta are both hyper and sometimes overly dramatic.
  • In her original concept designs Chloe was shown to have white hair with blue in it. She also was shown to have blue glasses.
  • Ironically despite her claims of hating green, she can rarely be shown with it.

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