Cloetta and Sashabella
Ship Name: Sashetta, Clashbella
Status: Best Friends
First Met: Welcome to the Academy

Cloetta and Sashabella met in Welcome to the Academy and have been best friends ever since. Cloetta helped Sashabella with her boy problem and they were seen expermenting spells together.



Welcome to the Academy

  • Cloetta and Sashbella met
  • They stood next to each other

Double Trouble

  • When Cloetta was being bullied by a Toola twin, Sashabella stood up for her.

Pur-Fecting Boy Chat

  • Cloetta used magic to help Sashabella be less shy and worried about video chatting Igneus

The Rrr-runway

  • Sashabella and Clotta were sitting by eachother in the dressing room
  • Cloetta and Sashabella laughed at each others jokes

Headlines and Deadlines

  • The two were expermenting with magic and accidently messed up the potion
  • They worked together to put out the fire their creation caused

Music Video

  • Their names would introduced side by side
  • The two had similar hair in the music video


  • Sashabella and Cloetta's dolls have the same hair but different colors