Fianna Fins
Character Power Description "I will make you mine, I will refit your weak consciousness and use your body to fulfill my dreams. Be mine, and know the bliss of slavery."
Magic Power Mind Control.
Fave Pet Seahorsie.
Witchmark Mermaid's Purse.
Nickname Miss Bliss.
Fave Color Take a guess, nitwit.
Fave Movie The Devil Wears Prada.
Fave Food Seahorse.
Fave Drink Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer.
Fave Music Miley Cyrus.
Fave Class Ye Olde Minde Controle.
Fashion Passion Mermaidian Fabrics.

Fianna Fins is a sea witch introduced in the Midnight Beach line. She made her webisode debut in Midnight Beach, where it was revealed Fianna has the power of mind-control.

Her Bratz cousin is Fianna.


Fianna has a stormy attitude and thunderous humor. She is cold-hearted and sadistic, causing emotional pain to others just for the fun of it. She is also very manipulative, as seen when she used Yasmina and the Toola Twins to break up Cloetta and Igneus, and when she used Mr. Lectric to blackmail Headmistress Magika. She has a very cutthroat, take-no-prisoners philosophy, and she won't hesitate to use other people to her own benefit. She is extremely vindictive, as seen when her boyfriend Levitor was stolen by Sashabella with the help of Jade, causing Fianna to suffer a psychotic break and plan the murders of Sashabella, Jade, and Levitor. However, she draws the line at people getting injured, as evidenced by her emotional breakdown when her plan to get revenge on Dresden backfired and broke Vampelina's neck. She does have a kind side deep down underneath all the grudges and evil, as she tended to Meygana's injuries after a broomstick-riding accident. She doesn't seem to take kindly to bullying of new students, as evidenced by her defense of transfer-student Victoria Antique when the latter was being bullied by Vampelina.


Fianna has the ability to control minds, and due to being a mermaid also has superb aquakinetic abilities.

Rain Soul: Fianna transforms her body into water, which renders her impervious to physical attacks.

Water Pierce: Fianna sends a compressed beam of water at an opponent, enough to pierce cleanly through their body like a pressure washer. After her revival, this attack becomes strong enough to bust through steel.

Water Slash: Fianna throws a blade of water at the opponent, able to cut through flesh and bone effortlessly. After her revival, this attack becomes able to slice through steel and stone like butter.

Drench: Fianna soaks an object in water.

Frozen Pride: Fianna completely freezes all water in the area, or anything that is even remotely wet.

Scalding Fury: Fianna superheats all water in the area. After her revival, the heat becomes able to melt steel.

Tempestes Ven: Fianna swirls water around herself, generating a powerful wind around her along with the water. After a few seconds she sends the maelstrom at an opponent. Post revival this attack is compared to a hurricane by Headmistress Magika.

Tempestes Terra: Fianna swirls water around herself, causing it to gain more and more force. After a few seconds she slams the ground with it, sending the water at the opponent and causing the ground to shake. Post revival, this attack was compared to a tidal wave by Headmistress Magika.

Tempestes Sienna: Fianna swirls water around her arms, and superheats it. After a second she throws the water at the opponent, throwing it with such force that it breaks completely through anything it doesn't melt. This is her strongest attack pre-revival, and post-revival is still very formidable, with even Lilliana stating that if hit full-force it would have killed her.

Wings of Glory: An attack Fianna unlocks after her revival. Wings of water sprout from her back, enabling her to take flight and maneuver through the air.

Wings of Reason: A technique Fianna unlocks after her revival. Using the healing abilities of water, she uses water to mend the wounds of herself or others.

Wings of Vengeance: A new attack unlocked after Fianna's revival. Wing-like formations of water appear on her arms, but then become frozen, giving her huge, sharp ice blades on her arms. She then lunges forward, slicing anything in her way to ribbons, and unfazed until she has killed her target. Needless to say, this is her strongest attack by far after her revival. After the only time this attack was used, to kill the crazed Lilliana who had taken over Vampeliña's body, Victoria mused that it was powered by Fianna's sheer hatred for her former comrades.



Fianna has a pet seahorse named Ripple. It is a glowing white with very pale blue spots all over it. It's eyes are cold and emotionless, and it wears a blue themed vest.


Fianna Fins
Fianna's doll wears a blue sequin top with a red star on it and a matching skirt that looks like a mermaid tale. Her shoes are blue and yellow high heels which matches her eyeshadow and pet. She comes with silver earrings, a gold bracelet, blue sunglasses and a silver witch hat.


Fianna Fins Doll

Differences between doll and art:

  • Fianna's hair is more greenish in the art but more of a blue shade in the webisodes and on the doll. Same with her outfit.
  • Fianna's hat is purple in the art but blue on the doll and webisodes.


  • MGA announced Fianna will be released in Spring 2013.
  • Fianna made her webisode debut on January 4, 2013.