Fianna Fins
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Fianna Fins is a sea witch introduced in the Midnight Beach line. She made her webisode debut in Midnight Beach, where it was revealed Fianna has the power of mind-control.

Her Bratz cousin is Fianna.


Fianna has a stormy attitude and thunderous humor. She is very manipulative.


Fianna Finns has light green skin, yellow eyes, and long teal blue, maybe turquoise hair.



Fianna has a pet seahorse named Ripple. It is a glowing white with very pale blue spots all over it. It's eyes are black, and it wears a blue themed vest.


Fianna Fins
Fianna's doll wears a blue sequin top with a red star on it and a matching skirt that looks like a mermaid tale. Her shoes are blue and yellow high heels which matches her eyeshadow and pet. She comes with silver earrings, a gold bracelet, blue sunglasses and a silver witch hat.


Fianna Fins Doll

Differences between doll and art:

  • Fianna's hair is more greenish in the art but more of a blue shade in the webisodes and on the doll. Same with her outfit.
  • Fianna's hat is purple in the art but blue on the doll and webisodes.


  • MGA announced Fianna will be released in Spring 2013.
  • Fianna made her webisode debut on January 4, 2013.




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