Owner: Sashabella Paws

Fluffinscruff is Sashabella's WILD pet! Be careful because Fluffinscruff has a mystic 'Witchy' side and likes to growl on occasion. But as always, Fluffinscruff's bark is worse than her bite and that's why she's the coolest pet the Bratzillaz have ever seen!

Physical Description

Fluffinscruff has CRAZY pink and black hair, and silver stitches for teeth. She is a one-of-a-kind pet that only the bratzillaz witches could tame! Fluffinscruff is a little green monster, with big brown eyes and a zig-zag pattern on her tummy. Fluffinscruff also has two long-ear like shapes and a Square shaped head.


  • The toy of Fluffinscruff growls when you press the button on her stomach
  • Fluffinscruff's hair on the webisodes and the toy is much different than the original artwork.


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