Jade and Cloetta
The Rrr-runway-Jade-Cloetta-making-fashion
Ship Name: Cade, Joetta
Status: Best Friends
First Met: Welcome to the Academy

Jade and Cloetta met in Welcome to the Academy and instantly became best friends. They have similar personalities and both are very bubbly and positive.



Welcome to the Academy

  • Cloetta and Jade meet
  • Cloetta is excited about Jade's transformation

Pur-Fecting Boy Chat

  • Jade and Cloetta sit next to eachother
  • They both help Sashabella

The Rrr-runway

  • The two make a pair of shoes together

In the Big Screen

  • They both think Brad is attractive

Music Video

  • Their names are introduced side by side
  • They dance beside eachother


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