Illiana Honesty
Character Power Description "Why eat veggies when you can each other other? I'll make you taste the bliss of human flesh. You know what they say. Once you go black, you never go back."
Magic Power Forces people into cannibalism
Fave Pet Tiger shark
Witchmark Teeth
Nickname Snitch Bitch™
Fave Color Are you blind? It's gold, you twit.
Fave Movie The Other Woman
Fave Food Human flesh, duh.
Fave Drink Dresden's Ice Cream Special
Fave Music Screaming
Fave Class Cooking
Fashion Passion whatever a prostitute would wear

Illiana Honesty is a new Bratzillaz character who will be introduced in the Back to Magic line. She is a gypsy from India whose power compels people to devour other people.


She is always truthful and will never lie. Additionally, she displays a rather sadistic personality, enjoying the screams of humans and the taste of their blood and flesh.

Despite being incredibly evil and cold-hearted, Illiana isn't entirely immoral. She doesn't approve of bullying people over their appearance, leading to many bouts with Vampeliña about how she mocks and belittles many, including Victoria Antique and Meygaña Broomstix, about their appearance.


Illiana has tanned/light brown skin with very pale pink colored eyes and dark pink lips. She has very pale pink blush, and also has many gold spots/decals decorating her face. Illiana's dark hair has many strands of gold throughout it and is very long, pulled back into a very thick braided ponytail that has one or two braided knots where it's tied on the top of her head. Her witch hat is gold.

Illiana wears a short pink tank top with golden lining and a wrapped cloth over her left shoulder, held with a gold clasp. She also wears a gold necklace, a single gold bracelet, golden earrings, purple silk short pants with gold lining and light purple flowers, and a pair of gold heels.


A small elephant


Back to Magic

Illiana Honesty's basic doll. Comes with a broom brush.

Differences between doll and art:

  • Her eyes appear to be a faint lilac color.
  • Seems to lack some of her golden decal details on her face.
  • Earrings look different
  • Her hair isn't nearly as long or thin as it shows in the art.
  • Lacks bracelet
  • Her shawl-cape is very long
  • Pants appear to be red and baggy.
  • Her heels have ankle wraps that aren't present on the art variants.


Illiana is a moderately powerful witch, with very good magic affinity. She is, at the beginning of the series, considered to be equal to Vampeliña and Fianna in power, but eventually grows to be the strongest witch in the series. One thing of note is that she was able to overpower Mr. Lectric, and fight on par with Headmistress Magika, but it should also be noted that both of those battles were only won through trickery.

Her primary ability is her cannibalism magic, which can be used in a variety of offensive and defensive purposes.

Hollow Flush: This technique is used by opening the mouths on Illiana's hands. Illiana's sends waves of blood from her hands to sweep an opponent back.

Hollow Flash: Similar to Hollow Flush in execution. Instead of waves of blood however, Illiana sends heavily-compressed beams of blood, surging at opponents quickly. These beams possess significant offensive power, being able to pierce Mr Lectric's stomach effortlessly, and penetrating Victoria's Skull Shield with little trouble as well.

Dentyne Blade: Illiana plucks a tooth from one of the mouths on her hands, and expands it so that the fang becomes a huge, sharp blade. She is very skilled at wielding it, fighting on par with swordsmanship expert Cloetta.

Intestinal Whip: Illiana reaches into her mouth and pulls out her intestines, using it as a whip to attack opponents. This whip is extremely powerful, being able to destroy entire castles with one swing.

Fortissimo Rexalle Aether: A magic technique stolen from Headmistress Magika, it enables the user to regenerate their organs and body parts, except for the heart or brain. This is a passive technique and requires no effort or focus from the user.

Hollow Swallow: Illiana's most dangerous and powerful technique. Using the mouths on her hands, she devours and absorbs an opponent, absorbing their memories, physical strength, magic energy, and all of their powers. Used on Yasmina, Headmistress Magika, and Mr Lectric.

Brillians Crowne Genesis: Another technique stolen from Headmistress Magika. This spell allows the user to create and manipulate endless amounts of light, using it in combat for many purposes. This ranges from offense, to defense, to channeling light speed to move at such speeds.

Phantom Crowne Genesis: A technique stolen from Mr Lectric via Hollow Swallow. This is like Brillians Crowne Genesis, except it generates darkness instead of light. It cannot be used to amplify the user's speed like the aforementioned light technique, but it can be used to corrupt and otherwise influence the minds of others.

Claire Mentale Chronexia: A technique taken from Yasmina via Hollow Swallow. Enables Illiana to see what her opponent will do long before they do it. This enables her near-omniscience in battle, rendering her nigh-invulnerable, except for surprise attacks.

Hollow Faith: A technique that allows Illiana to steal the souls of her opponents to power herself up, killing them in the process.

Hollow's Will: Illiana's strongest passive technique. Should she be defeated and killed, if even one drop of her blood touches an opponent, or is she is eaten, she will immediately take over her killer's body. Transferring her consciousness and powers, including the ones she has absorbed, and taking her killer's powers for themself. Used when Vampeliña turned on her and killed her with a surprise attack.