Nickname Funky Fashion Monkey
Zodiac Capricorn
Fave Pet Monkey
Fave Color Cinnamon
Fave Food Barbecued Anything
Fave Drink Raspberry Smoothie
Fave Music Pop
Fave Class Yoga
Fashion Passion Discovering new fashion trends around the world

Meygan, nicknamed Funky Fashion Monkey, was the first additional character introduced to the Bratz line. At one point she had been discontinued, only to be brought back due to high demand from the fans.

Being a fan favorite and the fifth doll released for the franchise, it's no surprise Meygan was picked to have a Bratzillaz counterpart. Her counterpart and cousin in the webisodes, is Meygana. It is unknown if Meygan knows Meygana is a witch.

Meygan made no appearance in any of the teen Bratz movies, only in The Bratz Kidz sleep over adventure. She also makes appearances in some of the video games.


Meygan is nicknamed Funky Fashion Monkey because she's always on the hunt for a new adventure, whether she travels to new lands or trying something new right at home. She always keeps in touch with all of the friends she has made while traveling, and they help her keep up with the latest exotic trends.

Out of the four main girls she seems to have trouble with Yasmin, since they tend to get into arguments. 


She has a varying set of eyes that are often green or blue. Her hair also varies of different shades of red hair. A factory error led to some early batches of Sleepover Style Meygan dolls to having blonde hair. She also has a light skin tone. In sleepover adventure she also has freckles but today not seen on the doll.


Meygan and Meygana
  • Before Bratzillaz, a line of Bratz dolls called Costume party was released, where Meygan is dressed up like a witch.
  • Meygana possesses the same favorite food as Meygan.
  • It is rumored that Meygan may be discontinued in the Bratz 2014 merchandise line and replaced by Dana.
  • Although she doesn't appear in the animated series, Jade did mention her before.