Mr. Lectric
Mr Lectric
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Mr. Lectric teaches the Purses & Potions class at Bratzillaz Academy. He made his debut in Later, Alligator, where he teaches his students about potions and creating accessories.


Mr. Lectric is a hardworker who takes his job very seriously, which can make him be harsh to his students. He is also very catty and makes disparaging comments about everybody in his presence, making him a generally unpleasant person to be around.


He has pale skin, blue eyes, black hair, and a mustache. His outfit consists of black pants,boots,a light blue long-sleeved shirt with a purple vest over it and a dark blue cape.He also wears a beret that matches his cape.


  • He was the first teacher introduced.
  • He teaches purses and potions.
  • The alligator bag begins attacking him at the end of his introductory webisode.