Sasha r
Nickname Bunny Boo
Zodiac Pisces
Fave Pet Bunny
Fave Color Red-Violet
Fave Food Power Bars
Fave Drink Blueberry Smoothie
Fave Music Hip-Hop
Fave Class Dance
Fashion Passion Street Style

Sasha, also known as "Bunny Boo", is one of the original Bratz dolls.

Sashabella is her wicked witch cousin, and it is unknown if she knows about her cousin being a witch at Bratzillaz Academy.


Sasha is a very busy girl with a cut to the chase/keep on moving kind of attitude. This makes her seem to be bossy, but she just wants to make sure things get done. She can be impatient and quite temperamental, to the point of confrontation with the obstacle, and her bad temper often gets her into trouble, but luckily her friends help to pull her right out of it.

She may be a busy bee but she's always on time. It is very important to her that she never wastes a minute.

However, she cares about her friends as much as she adores music and is very loyal to them and would do anything for them. She is bold, determined, daring, and very confident. Nothing will ever keep Bunny Boo from achieving her dreams!


She has a varying set of eye colors that are often brown or green. Her hair is dark brown hair, but has also appeared to be black, silver, orange, and blonde. She has a dark skin tone and is African-American but is preferably thought to have Ethiopian ancestry.


In her current appearance, she has pulled her thick brown and black hair into very big and curled/looped bun-pigtails. She has a lot of hair that is about knee length worn down, along with very thin bangs of varying length. Her hair is composed of sky blue, fuchsia, and golden highlights. But she also has curly yellow, blue, and green strands, as well as orange, red-orange, yellow, and blue braids.

Sasha wears a blue and white striped tank top with a big, blue leaf-shaped piece of material on her right shoulder. She also wears denim blue shorts, white wool stockings, black shoes with red heels, and a rainbow oriented scarf.


  • Sashabella's friends sometimes call her Sasha.
  • Sasha seems to be the least popular in the core 4 Bratz group