Sashabella and Igneus
Ship Name: Signeus
Status: Friends
Possible crushes
First Met: Pur-Fecting Boy Chat

Sashabella and Igneus became friends over twitter and with the help of her friends, Sashabella video chatted him for the first time in Pur-Fecting Boy Chat.



Pur-Fecting Boy Chat

  • Sashabella and Igneus have been IMing and he wants to video chat
  • Sashabella and Igneus both admit to being nervous about video chatting
  • They video chat goes well and they become friends

Midnight Beach (Webisode)

  • They both attend the same party
  • The two stand next to each other in a few scenes


  • Jade revealed Sashabella has a movie date with Igneus[1]
  • Sashabella posted she was going to the Spooky Spring Dance with Igneus[2]