Spells are magic that was casten by the Witches of Bratzillaz Academy.

List of Spells

Spells by Bratzillaz

  • "Create a new me! Now rearrange! Bratzacadabra! Give me the power to change!" -Cloetta's spell.
  • "Let me soar! On stars of night! Bratzacadabra! May my dreams take flight!" -Meygana's spell.
  • "Fluffinscruff! Striped hair of cat! Bratzacadabra, give me animal chat!" -Sashabella's spell.
  • "Amore! Amore! May true love start, Bratzacadabra! Heal my broken heart!" -Jade's spell.
  • "Sparkly crystals! Stardust shine! Bratzacadabra! Show the future that's mine!" -Yasmina's spell.

Episode Spells

  • "Let them soar on stars of night, Bratzacadabra, make pet dreams take flight!" -Meygana's spell from The Rrr-runway.
  • "Celluloid wishes and flickering light, Bratzacadabra, make Jade's dreams take flight!" -Meygana's spell from In the Big Screen.
  • "Snippets of a frog and scales of a hag, Bratzacadabra, make me a crocodile bag!" -Meygana's spell from Later, Alligator
  • Moon of light, wind of play. Bratzacadabra! Send the clouds away.” -Fianna's spell from Midnight Beach (Webisode).
  • "Dart Activation, Dart Sneep. Bratzacadabra! Put this dog to sleep!." - Roxianna's spell from Later, Alligator.
  • "Create a new classroom, Now rearrange, Bratzacadabra!, Fix it, Now change!"- Cloetta's spell from Later, Alligator