Toola Twins
Fave Pets Two-headed snake

The Toola Twins were introduced as antagonists in the webisodes. They made an appearance in the end of Furry Frenzy but didn't have speaking lines until the next webisode, Double Trouble. In the Witchy Princess, it was revealed one of the twins' full name is Tona Toola. Their Bratz counterparts are Kristee and Kaycee, also known as the Tweevils.


The Toola Twins have a vile personality which is why students at Bratzillaz Academy try to avoid them. After all, their hearts seem to be as black as their magic.


Both twins share the same color hair (blonde), however, they don't share the same color eyes. The twin who wears her in a ponytail has green eyes, whereas her sister has blue.

The Toola sisters look different from each other in many ways. One twin wears a black dress with a matching cape and silver earings, while the other wears a red pattern dress with a white collar and black belt.


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