(credit to Bratz Heaven)

At first, the page was quite unorganised and did not have much information. However, I have compiled more information on the Switch-a-Witch page about the sets, including the first wave.

I would love to hear what you would call the Switch-A-Witch characters from the first wave (or even the second wave if you want).

To start your creativity sparks off, I'll show you the names and powers I would give to the girls on the left of me:

1) I have named the pink/blue afro girl Humoria Hysterica. I have given her the power to give people a hint of comedic happiness. Her spell goes: Fountains of candy, Grass growing pink, Bratzacadabra, give a laugh and a wink!

2) I have named the black/white split skin girl Mortella Intentionette. I have given her the power to show people's true intentions. Her spell goes: Glumness or gleefullness, Tidy or in knots, Bratzacadabra, show their plans or plots!

3) I have named the single-pack girl Clarice Petrifica. I have given her the power to help people face their fears. Her spell goes: Heights and hurries, spiders and jeers, Bratzacadabra, help me face my fears!

Your turn :) 

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