I collected Monster High dolls then I seen Bratzillaz,then I begged and begged to get one. Then I out to buy a Bratzilla and that Bratzilla was Cloetta Spelletta. I drived up to Toys R Us knowing that she will defintley be there,but there was NO Bratzillaz what so ever on the shelves.

Me: Where are all the Bratzillaz?! (asks woman that works at Toys R Us) 

Woman: Sorry we have sold out!

Me: WHAT?! NO!! (Goes to Smyths,which is far away from my local city)

Meanwhile at Smyths...

Me: (Goes to Bratzillaz isle) 

And there was the midnight beach Bratzillaz,but not the basic ones,and I wanted the basic Cloetta Spelletta.

Me: WHAT?! NO BASIC BRATZILLAZ?! (asks man that works smyths)

Man: Sorry we are sold out of the basic ones!

Me: NO!!!! (Walks to Argos)

Meanwhile at Argos...

Me: (Clicks on order screen and types in Bratzillaz


Me: NO!!!!!! (Drives to my local city to Toy Master)

Meanwhile at Toy Master...

There was two Bratzillaz Sashabella Paws and Meygana Broomstix,So in the end I got Meygana,and later on in that month I bought Cloetta.

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