All of us admins would like to thank everyone who joined the contest and want them to know that they all did a wonderful job! With that being said, here is the moment you all have been waiting for....

Logo for BZs WikiAwards2Mylogoentry

SECOND PLACE: (Tied) Corine D'Arcy & NiaHearts - You both get to be the featured user of April and each get to pick a featured article for April without having to vote. So, if there is a couple, picture, video, etc. that hasn't been featured on the Wiki that you would like to see on the main page, send it here and it will be featured in April!


FIRST PLACE: Ingie - Congratulations! Your logo will be featured in the awards cermony and you get to be admin for a day! You will also get touble voting chances when voting for the awards open.

Thanks again to everyone who entered and don't feel discouraged if you didn't win because there is another contest brewing on the Wiki. Click here for details and a chance to win some wicked prizes! :)

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