ATTENTION BRATZILLAZ WIKI USERS! Two rules have been added to the Wiki rules and us admins need your help deciding whether couples should have their own pages or not.

New Rules

  • Do not add pages to unnecessary categories to get badges! This has been happening a lot lately, so I thought it needed to be addressed. Adding pages to categories like, "pretty", "cool", "Yasmina", or "purple hair" is unacceptable! Only add pages to categories when its needed. For example, all webisodes should be in the category "Webisodes", so that it is easier for users to find what they are looking for.
  • Do not add fan art, duplicates, or badges to galleries! From now on, only pictures released by MGA or reliable sources (Bratz Boulevard, Bratzillaz Dolls) will be added to galleries. Badges and duplicates (the exact same picture, sometimes with a different angle or coloring) are not allowed, simply because they are not needed in galleries. The badges should only appear on user pages and the Achievements page. Same goes for the character boxes on the main page. They are only needed on the main page to serve as navigation and are not needed in galleries.

Next month, there will be a page dedicated to Bratzillaz fans where you can post fan art as much as you'd like. Until that page is up and running, do not post fan art anywhere except user pages and blogs.


Pairings/Couples can be very popular with fan bases. So popular that on many Wikis, pairings have their own pages. Usually this is for shows that have been around for a while and have couples on the show. However, Bratzillaz is very new and does not have any couples on the show yet but, two couples have been hinted at (Sashabella/Igneus and Yasmina/Levitor) and knowing MGA's history with Bratz, it is a safe bet to say there will be couples in Bratzillaz.

Now, this is only for future reference when couples are actually made in the webisodes. We will not be posting any pairing pages until this happens. When it does, we want to know if you all would like to have individual pages for each relationship in the show. Look at the pages listed below for an example on how the pairing pages would look.

This idea could also be used for friendships as used on many Wikis. Again, examples will be listed below.

Please vote in the following polls to let us know if you would want these new pages and how you would like them to be titled.


If you have any questions or concerns, please comment below.

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