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  • I live in Princesstown
  • I was born on April 5
  • My occupation is Bratz Magazine
  • I am female
  • Princessyasmin

    What would the theme be?

    Describe what the outfits would look like.

    Who would be included in the line?

    Would there be new characters? If so, what would the be like? (powers, looks, favorites, etc)

    What would the webisode for your line be about?

    Would the dolls have a special feature like glowing in the dark or dancing? If so, what would it be?

    Out of the four doll lines made (Basic, Midnight Beach, Magic Night Out, Switch-a-Witch) which one would you want to be a movie? What would the movie be about?


    • Wildlife themed
    • Lots of animal prints, faux fur, and a vine dress for the new character
    • Sashabella, Yasmina, Jade, Cloetta, Meygana, Toola Twins, Levitor, Igneus
    • Yes! Vinessa Sunflower a plant monster who can talk to plants and control them. …

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  • Princessyasmin


    February 19, 2013 by Princessyasmin

    Does anyone else think Finora (the witch from the Bratz masquerade line) should transfer to Bratzillaz Academy? I think itd be awesome if they made her a new student.

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  • Princessyasmin

    I was on the bratzillaz facebook and saw this:

    and if you didnt already know the headmistress gave Jade permission to use her magic to heal broken hearts and make everyones dream dates come true. so hopefully the date goes well and yasmina will be dating levitor in the next episode!!

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  • Princessyasmin

    If Bratz went to the same school as Bratzillaz.... (Fill in the blanks)

    I would want _______ to be featured on the cover of Bratz Magazine

    I would be most excited for ______ to meet her witchy cousin.

    _______ would probably get along with the Tweevils.

    _______ would probably hate the Tweevils.

    If a Bratz boy dated a Bratzillaz, I would want _____ and ____ together.

    If a Bratz dated a Bratzillaz boy, I would want ____ and ____ together.

    If one of the Bratz found out they had powers, I would want it to be _______.

    My answers:

    I would want Yasmina to be featured on the cover of Bratz Magazine.

    I would be most excited for Yasmin to meet her witchy cousin.

    The Toola Twins would probably get along with Tweevils.

    Everyone else would probably hate the Tweevils.

    If a …

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  • Princessyasmin

    If you went to Bratzillaz academy....

    • Who would be your bestfriend? (Yasmina, Sashabella, Jade, Cloetta, or Meygana)
    • What would be your power?
    • What would be your favorite class? (purses and potions, broom gymnastics, history of platform shoes, exotic animal languages, or fashion magic)
    • What kind of pet would you have?
    • What is your fashion passion?

    My answers:

    • Yasmina
    • shapeshifting
    • exotic animal languages
    • caterpillar/butterfly
    • vintage hippie
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