Have y'all ever heard of quizilla?? Its this awesome site where you can make quizzes, stories, polls and all that good stuff. Welp...I CREATED A BRATZILLAZ QUIZ & A POLL!

You guyss should take them :{)

Just clickity click right hurrr for the quiz and right hurrr for the poll. x{D


Anywhooo please take my quiz! Its "How well do you know the Bratzillaz?" Its very easy if you've seen all the webisodes and stuff. So go take it NOWWWW! please :{P

OHHH! And the poll is "Who's your favorite Bratzillaz character?"

ALSO!! I made a survey thing too but you should take it AFTER my quiz ;{D
#Favorite Bratzillaz girl?
#Favorite Bratzillaz boy?
#Favorite webisode?
#Favorite doll line?
#Favorite pet?
Comment below your answers and have fun taking the quiz! BYEEEE! <3

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