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Vampelina Art
Character Power Description "I will show you the beauty of vampirism. Your blood is mine. And your body will be mine too. Let us make love together. I will show you amazing love which anybody would die for!"
Magic Power Turns you into a vampire and seduces you
Fave Pet Batric
Witchmark Fangs
Nickname Trampelina
Fave Color Red
Fave Movie Movie 43
Fave Food Human Flesh
Fave Drink Blood
Fave Music Death Metal
Fave Class Sex-ed 101
Fashion Passion Liberal 60s

Vampelina is a vampire introduced in the Magic Night Out line.

In her webisode debut, Midnight Beach, it was revealed that she has the ability to turn people into vampires and seduce any living being.


Vampelina has pallid, sickly gray skin and noticeable fangs, due to being a vampire. Her eyes are a bright, unnatural gold, giving away her identity as a vampire. Her hair is white with red and grey streaks throughout it in random strands. Her lipstick is red in color while her makeup is pale.

She wears a blood red cape and a sky blue dress with fake pearl lining and necklace. Over it is a white, 60s-style hoop skirt, touching her white kneesocks with red ribbons at the top. She wears black high heels.



Vampelina has a pet donkey-bat named Batric that also has the power to turn people into vampires.


Vampelina is a vicious and spiteful girl. She is considered to be the 'alpha bitch' of the Magic Academy, and bullies everybody ruthlessly. The only exceptions to this are Lilliana Honesty and Fianna Fins, who are the other two queen bees of the school. She targets Meygaña in particular, viciously attacking everything about her including her southern accent and her weight. Their conflict is the most focused and intense in the series, and when Vampeliña shows up, you know shit is gonna get real.

She is very violent and cruel, taking any chance she can get to inflict pain on others and she enjoys every minute of it. Her sadism far exceeds that of Fianna and Lilliana, as while they have some semblance of morals, she does not. The most notable example of her evil and cruelty is when she tortures and eventually eats Fianna for disagreeing with her when she bullied new transfer student Victoria Antique. However, due to Victoria's powers, Fianna is brought back to life, and this is when Vampeliña really loses it.

After Fianna is brought back to life, Vampelina suffers a mental break. She goes ax-crazy, having no concern for anybody and going out of her way to harm everybody and anybody in her path, even people she knows are stronger than her like Headmistress Magika. Eventually she goes so insane that she must be put down, which is when Fianna, Meygaña, and Victoria all team up to fight her and put her evil away for good. They succeed, and the tyrant of the school, Vampeliña, is dead with nobody to revive her.


Vampelina Doll

Differences between doll and art:

  • In the official art, her shoes are black while in the doll they're red.


Vampelina is an above average witch in terms of power. She is between Mr Lectric and Headmistress Magika, being stronger than the former yet weaker than the latter.

Vampelina's greatest strength lies in her magic, which enables her to control time however she pleases. This is used in a variety of offensive and defensive ways.

Enhanced Strength: Vampelina has the greatest physical strength of any witch at the Academy. Her power is great enough that she can punch straight through Sashabella's stomach while Earth God's Armor was in effect, something that even Lilliana could not pierce.

Enhanced Speed: In addition to being very strong, Vampelina is also extremely fast. She was able to blitz Meygaña, a witch known at the school for her speed, and defeat her in one hit during the Frenzied Petz arc.

Prinzessin von Zeit: Using her Time Magic, Vampelina greatly enhances her physical abilities by tapping into her future self's powers.

Fortissimo Rexalle Aether: A passive technique obtained via Prinzessin von Zeit. It gives the user an immensely powerful healing factor, healing any body part or organ, except for the heart or brain, in a matter of minutes.

Zeit von Rechnung: By advancing the time of the surroundings, Vampelina makes the environment extremely dangerous, limiting an opponent's potential movement.

Time Defense (unnamed): Using Time Magic, Vampelina destroys any attacks coming at her by regressing them into non-existence.

Worldly Stars: Using Time Magic, she advances or regresses time in the sky, causing a meteor to come down from the earth to strike her opponent.

Nervosa Zerbrechen Steuerung: Vampelina's most powerful technique. It is unknown how she does this, but she connects her nerves to her surroundings, enabling her to control the land and any people her nerves hit as she pleases.





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