Pet of a Bratzillaz Student
Profile art - Wingzy
Character Power Description "I'm into high flyin' supernatural style! Want to reach new heights and take flight? I can help you spread your wings and soar!"
Magic Power Helps you fly
Fave Pet Myself
Witchmark Wings
Nickname Spunky Monkey
Fave Color Midnight blue
Fave Movie Avatar
Fave Food Bug sandwich
Fave Drink Marshmallow Macchiato
Fave Music Pop, alternative rock
Fave Class Broom Gymnastics
Fashion Passion Sporty supernatural

Wingzy is a small pegasus, and the pet of Meygana Broomstix.


Wingzy has light blue-gray skin, and some of it is white. Her hair is red, just like Sashabella. She has very small wings, certainly too small for her to ever fly, so her dream of being a carrier pegasus will forever go unfulfilled.

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