Owner: Yasmina Clairvoya
Magic Power: Sees the future
Species: Cyclops

Winkers is Yasmina's pet cyclops! Winkers also has the psychic abilities that Yasmina has control over. and like her owner, she uses a special object to do it.

Physical Description

Winkers seems to be female, given a girly appearance. She has very light grey-silver skin, a big smile, and one big Crystal colored eye with multiple Eyelashes. Her hair is black, and worn into two braided pigtails. Winkers wears a purple vest, a purple cape and a black bow-tie to match Yasmina's attire. Winkers also has a Gold monocole.


  • Winkers is a cyclops
  • In the art of Winkers, She has 6 eyelashes. But in the cartoon she only has 5.
  • The toy of Winkers blinks it's eye when you press a button on top of it's head