Mga bratzillazwitchymakeoveryasminaclairvoya (1)
Yasmina has her very own witchy glam makeover head.It comes with a ribbon, a hat,a hair band and loads of other assercories.And a 

Head apperance

Yasmina has lilac hair like on her basic doll,and has golden eyes,as the Bratzillaz  have glass eyes,Yasmina's witchy makeover head has not got glass eyes,and nobody knows exactly why this is,but some Bratzillaz fans wreckon it is because of safety issues,She has black lipstick with a golden vest top on with a black belt with a golden buckle,and to make the top of her body stand up,is a grey star,like old Bratz makeover heads.


  • Yasmina's witchy makeover head comes with Glittler glue for her finger nails,but it can not be used on peoples finger nails.

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