Yasmina and Levitor
Ship Name: Lasmina
Status: Friends
Possible crushes
First Met: Furry Frenzy

Yasmina and Levitor clicked the first day they met and have become good friends. Jade, who has the power of love, said she felt a connection between them when they first met and, confirmed by the Bratzillaz facebook, they went out for coffee together on Valentine's Day.


(In the webisodes)

Double Trouble

  • Levitor steals Yasmina's cellphone
  • Levitor knows her name before she mentions it
  • They have a friendly conversation and Yasmina discovers his power during it
  • When Levitor leaves, Jade says she senses an attraction between him and Yasmina

Headlines and Deadlines

  • Yasmina runs to Levitor to ask what's going on instead of the other students
  • Yasmina goes everywhere Levitor does in this episode
  • They sit next to each other at the game
  • Yasmina helps Levitor discover the Toola twins scheme