Yasmina and Sashabella
Ship Names: Yashabella, Sashmina
Status: Best Friends
First Met: Welcome to the Academy

Yasmina and Sashabella met in Welcome to the Academy and instantly became friends. Yasmina and Sashabella often help each other out with each others problems and make eachother laugh.



Welcome to the Academy

  • Sashabella was the first to notice Yasmina and welcome her

Pur-Fecting Boy Chat

  • Sashabella came to Yasmina with her problem first
  • Yasmina helped prepare Sashabella for her chat with Igneus
  • Yasmina gave Sashabella advice and told her to be herself which gave her the confidence to talk to Igneus
  • Yasmina is the last to leave the room while Sashabella is chatting to make sure she is ok

Music Video

  • Sashabella and Yasmina dance beside each other
  • Their names were introduced side by side


  • Yasmina's love intrest, Levitor, was meant to be Sashabella's but her love intrest was changed to Igneus instead.